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A Simple and Powerful Text Editor for iPad

InkMark is the end of your search for a better text editor. You will be amazed how something so simple, can be so powerful and fun at the same time. With its intuitive design, you will master it in seconds and be productive as you have never been before.

Markdown is the simplest way of formatting text and InkMark is built from ground up for it. Edit your text with Live Markdown Preview and speed up with great Markdown keyboard extension. Write for web without using HTML.

With its innovative split screen interface, InkMark makes you more productive than ever before. Use the Assistant Screen for Live Markdown Preview or as a Web Browser. Switch to full screen instantly with a single gesture.

Edit your documents and surf the web at the same time. Meet in-app browser of InkMark and let your productivity boost. Search the web, look up a definition, take notes while watching a video and do much more.

Store your files locally or on InkMark folder created in your Dropbox. Link Dropbox with a single gesture, and access your files on the go.

Share your work easily with mail, copy and more. Open files from other apps in InkMark and send them to others when you are done editing.

With many other features like full document search, word count, spell check and more, InkMark will continue to amaze you everyday.

Best of all, InkMark is free! Go, give it a try and boost your productivity.